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Milk is an excellent source of nutrients and contains a mixture of calcium (builds strong bones and teeth), protein (repairs muscle tissue), vitamin B12 (needed for red blood cells), vitamin B2 (for healthy skin) and phosphorous (for bones and to generate energy in the body’s cells). It is low in fat too, with whole milk containing 4% fat, while semi skinned contains 1.7% fat and skimmed contains 0.3% fat. All in all, it’s hard to live without milk in your life, so make it the best milk available buy buying local.

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  • Plurenden Manor Farm in
  • A family-run dairy farm in Kent, Plurenden Manor Farm's friendly herd - a liquorice allsorts collection of pedigree Holstein Friesian and Dutch Fleckvieh cows - produce award-winning milk.

  • Holwood Farm Shop in
  • Holwood Farm Shop is a family-owned deli in the country selling a wide range of locally sourced food including fruit, veg and meat. The coffee shop is well worth a visit.