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Coffee is by no means a new phenomenon despite the increased popularity of people popping into a café for a takeaway latte. Originating in Ethiopia, where legend has it that a shepherd wondered why his goats underwent an energy surge after eating a plant with red, yellow and green berries, coffee was only grown around the Arabian Peninsula until the Middle Ages. In the seventeenth century the coffee plant was introduced to the rest of the world and now it’s as part of the average person’s daily intake as bread. However, coffee can really vary in quality, so if you know your coffee, let us help you source the best roasted coffee in the county.

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  • Biddenden Vineyards in
  • Vineyard producing red, white, rose and sparkling wines, along with cider, apple and pear juices.Tours available. There is also a farm shop selling local artisan foods and tea room on site.