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Ramsgate is part of the Isle of Thanet on the north eastern tip of Kent  formed over 7,000 years ago and separated from the mainland by the Wantsum Channel. As a result, the area has always been vulnerable to invasion from the continent.

The stunning Royal Harbour was awarded its title when King George IV embarked on his way to Hanover and received great hospitality. This conviviality remains today with a good selection of pubs and restaurants from which you can admire the sea views including Bon Appetit Restaurant, Miles Bar Ramsgate and La Magnolia.

And for those even keener to try some local food and drink, the Ramsgate Brewery, which specialises in fresh, local tasting ale, provides tours of its Gadds’ beers. The nearby Thanet Farmers’ Market, meanwhile, takes place at The Marlowe Academy on the second Sunday of every month and includes around 30 stalls ranging from games and oils to pastries and vegetarian produce.