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Box schemes are becoming increasingly popular with busy families wanting to eat high quality, seasonal food. Part of the charm does not know exactly what you’re getting, and being encouraged to experiment with produce that you might not normally buy. From fruit and vegetables to eggs, milk, bread, honey and cheese, box schemes are a great way to benefit from a regular supply of locally produced food. The fact that you can collect them from your local farm shop or have them delivered to your home on a weekly basis if you so wish, saves you time having to do a big shop, while the boxes often include recipes to tempt you to try something a bit different. 

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  • Corkk, the English wine box in
  • Corrk is an English wine specialist in Canterbury, Kent. Every bottle of wine is selected from award-winning English vineyards by a local Master of Wine.

  • Watts Farms in
  • Founded in 1952, Watts Farms is a Kent-based grower of fruit, veg, salads and herbs. They are able to supply and deliver to home cooks and the public, as well as top chefs and restaurants.