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Bread is a staple food in virtually every household in the UK. According to the Federation of Bakers, 99% of households buy bread and the equivalent of nearly 12 million loaves are sold each day. However, with more and more people suffering with  intolerances to gluten, sourdough or yeast, a number of artisan bakers have sprung up in recent years providing bread made the traditional way to produce a “whole food” using organic ingredients.  The yeast is given time to break down the gluten rather than being  hurried in the quest for fast, “budget”  bread and the result is delicious, easy-to-digest  bread that is good for you and the environment.

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  • Laura's Larder is a specialist food store and delicatessen, bringing carefully curated, quality groceries, provisions, and eco-friendly refills to Petts Wood, Kent and surrounding areas.