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Winner of the dairy category at Produced in Kent’s Taste of Kent Awards 2018, Plurenden Manor Farm is a family-run dairy farm in Kent.

The farm's friendly herd, a liquorice allsorts collection of pedigree Holstein Friesian and Dutch Fleckvieh cows, produces milk that is then pasteurised but not homogenised - so the cream rises to the top. 

Plurenden Manor Farm believes that the creamiest, tastiest milk comes from happy healthy cows, so their herd graze outside all summer and eat home-grown forage through the winter.

The cows at Plurenden Manor Farm in Kent
Fresh produce at Plurenden Manor Farm

As they prepare for calving, their cows have a two month rest period in straw yards and have special diets so that they can transition from dry to milking in good health.

All calves are reared; the heifers stay at home and the beef animals head to a family farm in Surrey.

Plurenden Manor Farm has been selling milk (whole, semi skimmed and double cream) for two years now from their farm gate and this year they are heading out to farmers' markets and local pubs, cafés and restaurants.

Visitors are encouraged to stop in at their small farm shop, which also sells other Kentish goods such as pies, jams, honey, ice creams and juices, and to bring wellies to watch the milking. 

  • Attends Farmers Market
  • Buy From The Gate
  • Car Parking Onsite
  • Local Delivery
  • Shop
  • Trade Suppliers
  • Visitors By Appointment

Local Food Kent says

There's perhaps never been a greater focus on food security and animal welfare in farming, so it's always lovely to find a family pouring their passion, care and hard work into what they love. Their sustainable approach to working with nature is clearly paying dividends too, as Plurenden Manor Farm's recent Taste of Kent Award proves. 

It's far more satisfying to visit and buy your milk from the farm gate, while meeting the people and animals who have produced it, than it is to pick up a pint from the shelves of a soulless supermarket.