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Pheasant: not a bird for all seasons

Are you game for a visit to your local butcher? Tracy Carroll encourages us to have a change from chicken and pop a pheasant in the pot One of the best things about “eating the s…

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Putting game back on the table

While Christmas is a time for traditions, it is also a time for treats. If you’re tired of turkey and all the “usual suspects” as alternatives (beef, lamb, pork, goose…), why not …

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Pheasant Cooking advice

Local Game - Pheasant Cooking advice Remember, your local Surrey butcher or specialist game stockist is a fabulous place to learn all about local game. Surrey is a county that i…

Pheasant, casseroles, cooking advice, roasting

Dish up a local pheasant

Ring the changes – dish up a local pheasant October heralds the arrival of the pheasant season, and you will find that many local Surrey butchers and game stockists (such as Pri…

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