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Redlands Farm Shop at Horam near Heathfield, Sussex is a farm shop in the true sense, for owners Ali and Henk raise lamb, beef and chickens the traditional way right there at Redlands Farm. Pork is sourced from a highly trusted local farmer.

That Redlands Farm supplies meat to top restaurants (including The Ginger Group) says it all really - these eateries have built up an enviable following and their chefs deal with only the finest ingredients!

The farm shop stocks a range of cakes, biscuits, jams and marmalades. Professional baker Ali cooks mouthwatering pies, ready meals and other goodies for the shop on a Saturday morning, and these can be ordered ahead - just give her a call. 

Inside Redlands Farm Shop | Local Food Sussex
Meat at the  butchers, Redlands Farm Shop | Local Food Sussex

Free range poultry ... free to roam, play and live outdoors
Redlands Farm raises chickens, quails and turkeys.

Redlands beef, aged to perfection
There's nothing like it - from roasting joints to steak, mince and amazing offal, this beef is tender and full of flavour.  

The freshest lamb
Noisettes, rump, shank, saddle, rack, kidneys and "forgotten cuts" - lamb reared on the farm so is stress-free, super fresh and tasty. 

Top quality pork, reared in Sussex
Every cut of pork there is (it's always worth a call first if there's something you particularly need, so they can ensure it's ready). Sausages are made at the farm - there's a wide choice including Pork & Hop, Pork & Leek, Ginger & Leek, Romany, Garlic, Chilli, Pork & Black Pepper, Cumberland, Pork & Apple, Chipolatas and much more!

Bacon that tastes just how it should
Smoked or green back bacon available as streaky, back or middle cuts - you won't ever want to buy from a supermarket once you've tried this!

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Local Food Sussex says

Redlands is a real family farm, and the friendly farm shop is full of home produce and local specialities. Eggs come fresh from the hens; meat is properly hung.

Try their delicious ice cream - it's made locally and is full of real fruit, with no nasties.