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Established in 1960, Canfields Organic Farm sits in idyllic Sussex countryside at Rudgwick near Horsham. Here, mother and son Erica and Tim Bargman raise a small herd of Limousin, Belgian Blue and Aberdeen Angus cattle. 

Fully organic since 1996, the farm is registered with the Organic Farmers and Growers, which means the Bargmans follow rigorous organic standards. As well as adhering to exceptionally high welfare values, the farm is untouched by artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. The animals are fed on certified organic feed and, from spring through to autumn, roam the pastures at Canfields Farm, eating grass and kicking their heels to their hearts content. And contented cows they certainly are!

Erica and Tim Bargman with their organic beef cattle at Rudgwick | Local Food Sussex

High standards: farmers Tim and Erica Bargman with some of the herd

Organic beef from Canfields Farm at Rudgwick | Local Food Sussex

Exceptional: organic beef, four weeks hung for flavour and tenderness

Organic farmers sign at Canfields Farm, Rudgwick | Local Food Sussex

Beef box: Tim with a typical selection of organic beef

Organicrose veal from Canfields Farm at Rudgwick | Local Food Sussex

Ethical: high welfare, organic rose veal escalope 

Rudgwick organic beef and rose veal boxes

Organic beef boxes are a speciality at Canfields Farm, and contain a selection of cuts, including steak and mince. 

The farm also offers terrific rose veal, and an organic veal box typically contains escalopes, diced veal and a joint.

It's best to contact Erica to enquire about buying from the farm, and you will be able to buy fresh or frozen depending on availability.

You can also arrange delivery of organic meat boxes through Dorking's Food Float.

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Local Food Sussex says

There's something really special about Canfields Farm, from the warm welcome extended by Erica and Tim Bargman to the sight of clearly happy cows soaking up the sunshine. 

Choosing organic meat means you can be sure of the highest standards of welfare and we are delighted to support this small, traditional family farm.