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An online platform that enables enthusiastic cooks of all abilities to share their food with the local community, WeFiFo is a new social eating craze that's helping to change people's expectations of an eating out experience.

Welcoming WeFiFo hosts of all skill levels, from great home cooks and established supper club hosts to seasoned professionals who have spent years in commercial kitchens, WeFiFo allows hosts complete control.

Hosts choose what they cook, how much they charge, where they host their event, how often events take place and who they feed.

For those to love to cook, WeFiFo presents a flexible opportunity to earn an income from home.

For those who love to eat, WeFiFo offers them great food in their local community, usually at a lower cost than eating in a High Street restaurant.

Social eating and supper clubs with WeFiFo
WeFiFo brings people together for good food and company

WeFiFo is a West Sussex business with a national reach. Their hosts are spread across the country but Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent are all centres of activity they are keen to develop.

The organisation invests in its hosts; insuring them, paying for them to take their level 2 Food & Hygiene Certificates and providing subsidised courses run by industry experts so they can further their culinary skill sets. 

They always love to hear from people eager to cook and people keen to eat local home cooked food but also people producing, farming and growing that food. They even run their business from a smallholding and raise their own beef and pork.

WeFiFo is keen to work with and explore the opportunities for the small producer to meet, do courses with and sell to their local community.

They run pop-ups on their farm and also host food skill events for people teaching others what they do and how to do it.

WeFiFo means We Find Food, so why not join their social eating revolution today? 

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Local Food Britain says

One of the most exciting things about WeFiFo is the sheer scope of eating experiences available on their platform – from home cooks throwing open their doors to a few guests for a slow-cooked stew and a natter to professional chefs exploring their imaginations and wowing diners in a more relaxed setting.  

Inspired by their travels around the world and their wish to make eating a more social experience again in Britain, WeFiFo have boldly set about become an Airbnb of sorts for supper club and pop-up restaurant fanatics.