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The Sussex soil isn’t just a haven for great fresh fruit and veg. Local producers also use it to cultivate traditional rapeseed and linseed (flax). Whilst these oil-producing plants have been eclipsed in recent years by their foreign counterparts like olive and groundnut, English oils have seen a revival in recent years thanks to their superb flavours and health benefits. And the seeds they come from offer a hearty fibre dose too.  Our Sussex members have been getting the most out of their locally grown rapeseed and linseed by making healthy cooking oils, exquisite dressings and crunchy cereals.

Sussex Gold

Rapeseed isn’t just a flower that produces a spectacular golden field. Over at Partridge Farm, Sussex Gold cultivates, cold presses and bottles the finest quality rapeseed oil. This oil is extremely versatile and can be used for any culinary purpose. Their extra virgin rapeseed oil makes a great frying alternative as it contains half the saturated fat of olive oil and is packed with omega-3, -6 and -9, and vitamin E. If you fancy something a little more adventurous, they make top-quality infusions too. Why not pep up a salad with their chilli oil, or add a little something extra to your roasted veg with their unique oak-smoked oil? Pure rapeseed oil is also a great base for their amazing dressings and sauces: from traditional French to sweet chilli dip, there is something for every taste. They also make a mean mayonnaise.

Flax Farm

In the heart of Sussex, Flax Farm has been turning linseed on its head. This pretty blue flower is traditionally used to make linen, but the farm is bringing out its full potential by producing fantastic foodstuffs. Using the good old-fashioned way, Flax Farm presses their own omega-3 rich oil which can be used just like olive oil in salads, pastas, soups and even smoothies, due to its mild flavour. Linseed is also full of cholesterol-lowering fibre, and makes a great base for the farm’s mueslis and porridges. They are always gluten and wheat free, so they’re prefect for everyone.  Flax Farm can also provide for your sweet cravings with their fabulous (and healthy) flaxjacks. Packed with linseed, you can get your daily dose of omega-3 and fibre whilst enjoying scrumptious date or spiced ginger or sweet vanilla...the delicious list goes on! 

As you can see, seeds aren’t just for the birds. Rapeseed and linseed are so good for you, there’s no reason not add them to your kitchen store cupboard is there?

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