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St Joan’s is a family-run farm situated in the lovely countryside of Leigh, Surrey.  St Joan’s oh-so-fresh dairy ice cream (their motto is “from cow to freezer in under an hour”) is available at good food shops and restaurants throughout Surrey and beyond, and can be bought directly from the farm (please ring ahead).  

They are available in more flavours than you can shake a cow’s tail at, and all are truly scrumptious.

Find out where to buy St Joan’s artisan-style dairy ice cream

What is great about your business?

We are a long-established family farm, and farming is very much a family affair.   Everyone has a role, from looking after the cows and calves to making the ice cream, marketing it and meeting our lovely customers at country shows and food festivals throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas. We take great care to create delicious, artisan dairy ice creams, using the freshest milk.  With our own herd of 15 milking British Frisian, Dairy Shorthorn and Guernsey cows, which produce milk all year round, we are never short of milk! St Joan’s Farm consists of 150 acres that is farmed under low-intensity methods; free of growth promoters, artificial hormones and stimulants. This way is natural for the cows, better for the environment and healthier for humans.

How do you contribute to the local Surrey food scene? 

We bring the Surrey’s food lovers truly local dairy ice cream that they can enjoy knowing that it has been made right here on their doorstep.  We also put smiles on people’s faces by coming up with seasonal favourites such as Christmas Pudding Ice Cream, which always goes down a treat.  It makes a refreshing change from traditional Christmas pudding.

We believe our dairy ice cream is truly fabulous because of what we are told by our customers. This is not because of what we put into it; rather what we don't put into it.. namely: vegetable oil, artificial flavours and sweeteners. Remember it's called "dairy ice cream" for a reason – not all ice cream can be called that.

St Joans Dairy Farm Reigate Surrey
St Joans Dairy Farm Ice Cream
Ice cream bike that sells St Joans Dairy ice cream, Local Food Surrey

Stop me and buy one. The ice cream bike is fun for fetes, parties and weddings.

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Local Food Says

St Joan's is such a lovely business and their dairy ices are divine.  The only problem is deciding which to buy.  And we love the idea of a giant ice-cream cupcake which can be made up with any of the 13 flavours and serves around 40 people. Perfect for kids of ALL ages!