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Anila’s award winning curry sauces are handmade using traditional methods with fresh ingredients, dedication and love, to offer the highest quality, naturally made, tasty food without preservatives or additives.  They are free from sugar, dairy, gluten, onion and garlic.

Opening a jar unlocks an authentic taste explosion. One only needs to taste it to appreciate the difference. We offer a range of eight satisfying flavours, from mild and fragrant to hot and spicy, for food-lovers to prepare and enjoy gourmet Indian meals quickly and easily at home. They are suitable for coeliacs, diabetics, vegans and those with food intolerances.

Chutneys and pickles create perfect harmony

In our chutneys and pickles, single fruits and vegetables are used to preserve their freshness, and create a purity of taste that treats the palate to a natural, authentic experience. The special oil does nothing more than preserve the exquisite flavour of each product, sealing in the goodness. These uniquely produced pickles marry deliciously with a variety of dishes and cheeses to create perfect harmony between taste and sensation.

  • We have sixteen flavours of Indian chutneys and pickles, from sweet and fruity to hot and tangy.

Spice and simple

Our spice packs are perfect for creating Indian recipes at home.  Choose from a selection includingWhole Spice Pack, Herb Pack, Seed Pack, Curry Pack and Ground Spice Pack Order spices online

The Anila's Authentic Sauce range Surrey

Curry sauces, handmade with fresh ingredients, love and harmony!

Anila's Authentic Curry sauces

Anila Vaghela, Indian cookery expert and founder of Anila's Authentic Sauces, does not use onion or garlic in any of her products. Read why!

This is due to the belief that these heat-producing foods can excite the passions and lead the mind away from a constant awareness of spirituality. Using neither garlic or onion in cooking increases clarity and focus in our mediation. Most Hindus are vegetarian and do not eat onions and garlic. Today there are many people who have an intolerance to both onions and garlic as well as sugar, dairy and gluten. As all our products are free from these ingredients they are suitable for those with food intolerances and serves a wider audience.

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Anila's products taste just as they should - no mass-produced mush here, we assure you.