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If you're in search of quality sauces with a real kick to them, look no further than Hot Pods Chilli Products in Woking. This small artisan producer has created a mouth-watering range of hot sauces to get the taste buds well and truly tingling! 

Hot Pods Chilli Products line up, Guildford, Surrey | Local Food Surrey

Based from their lovely Surrey smallholding, Hot Pods produce their own home-grown chillies and then make them into their delicious range of products.

Packing quite a punch, the sizzling selection of condiments includes their Quarantine Smoked Onion Hot Sauce, Deviation Ginger Hot Sauce and Rampage Horeseradish Hot Sauce. Then there's their Lava Flow Chilli Oil and Rain of Fire spice mix, not to mention their pots of pickled chillies.

Available at local farmers' markets, farm shops and chilli festivals, as well as direct from their website, the products all have a unique flavour combination but with a fantastic fiery background.

"We are a family-run business of passionate chilli lovers," says owner Stephen Dixon. "We grow our own chillies from seed at home, choosing different varieties each year. These are then complemented by carefully chosen and sourced ingredients to produce small batches of the most wonderful chilli products. We also bottle and pack them all ourselves." 

What is the more, they don't use any artificial ingredients either, so you can be sure of a quality, all-natural product; what's not to love? 

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Local Food Britain says

Several members of our team are partial to a particularly hot sauce so we can't wait to try this flavoursome range! 

Interested in growing your own chillies? Hot Pods use the following in their sauces: Naga, Habanero (Peach, Katie, Lucy, Chocolate and Orange), 7-pot (red/yellow); Scotch Bonnet; Lemon Fatalii; Ghost; Bhut Jolokia; Carolina Reaper; Aji Lemon; and Paper Lantern.