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Inspired by a love of everything plant-based, Plantissimo bread is a vegan sourdough microbakery based in Sutton, Surrey.

Owners Eva and Chris Harrison are passionate about handcrafted sourdough and make natural bread without additives - and every single loaf is made to order.

Using carefully selected ingredients, Plantissimo’s bread is naturally leavened, fermented in cane baskets for over 20 hours and then baked.

Fascinated with traditional leavening and natural fermentation, Eva got into the habit of taking a loaf or two to family and friends’ homes when visiting.

The feedback they received for this real bread led to Eva and Chris deciding to convert some of their home into a microbakery, and so Plantissimo was born. 

Country white loaf by Plantissimo bread
Rosemary focaccia from Plantissimo bread

"When you care where your food comes from, how ethically it is produced, what has been involved, how much it impacted the planet and how healthy it is, any small action of reclaiming dinner on your plate and bringing it from industrial scale into an individual human level, such as planting some seeds, making your own food or sharing with community, feels like the right thing to do," says Eva. 

"My aim is to bring this sense of caring into Plantissimo bread, focusing on flour, seeds, herbs and other ingredients that come from some brilliant British producers." 

Tasty twists among Plantissimo's sourdough range include Surrey Hills Multiseed, Holiday Spiced Loaf and Walnut and Oregano, while they also produce a Rosemary Focaccia.

Their ‘build your own bag’ subscription offer, which includes four kinds of bread, is a great way to have fresh bread delivered to your door every week or month.

Currently, Plantissimo accept pre-orders until 11pm on Wednesdays for delivery or pick up on Saturday the same week.

As a very young microbakery, they are currently covering only a limited local delivery area - but vibrant and beautiful plants grow from even the smallest of seeds. 

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Local Food Surrey says

We’ve loved watching the growth of real bread again in recent years, as people look to move away from cheap supermarket alternatives and back to deliciously made loaves packed with passion.

The best thing since sliced bread? Well, it’s real bread, isn’t it? Support your local independent bakeries and hopefully we can get Britain’s towns and villages baking again.