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Wrights Original Dark Ginger is a traditional drink from the very heart of the Tyne and has been produced by the Wright family through several generations.  Indeed, it can be traced back to the 1800's. John Wright and his family, who are based in Oxted, Surrey, now produce this deeply delicious ginger wine as well as a zesty Lemon Sherbert drink and oh-so-fruity Very Cherry.

What is great about your business? 

As a small, family-run business we attend to every detail of the creation of our drinks and even deliver them ourselves to outlets throughout Surrey and beyond.  Our latest drink, Wrights Original Very Cherry, was inspired by our youngest family member's love of cherries!  This fruity red cherry drink took two years to perfect and cherry-loving Alexandria has even signed the bottle. 

How do you contribute to the local Surrey food and drink scene? 

There is a real thirst for products that are prepared by local people.  We receive fantastic comments about our drinks from owners of shops and cafes - and also from customers at the shows we attend. Our drinks really add to the offering of an establishment because they demonstrate that the owner cares about provenance - and the most important thing is ... our drinks taste fantastic!

Wrights Original Bob Flint's Real Lemon
Wrights Original Dark Ginger

Locally prepared drinks Wrights Original Dark Ginger and Bob Flint's Real Lemon

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Local Food Says

These traditional, locally-produced soft drinks make a refreshing change from all the fizzy pop that's around these days.  Find them at shops and farmers' markets in Surrey - and beyond - and also look out for them at National Trust venues.