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Since they brewed their very first beers last year, Crumbs Brewing's sense of innovation and adventure has captured the hearts and imaginations of people living in Surrey.

Now producing three beers, each created from leftover loaves from Chalk Hills Bakery, they've helped to put their home town on the beer map along with other like-minded local food and drink businesses.

Inspired by Reigate's long popular ghost walks, which regale intrepid explorers with tales of mystery, murder and paranormal activity every October, they've decided that the rich brewing history of the town should get a similar treatment.  

Now, having teamed up with Pilgrim Brewery (founded in 1982 and currently enjoying a rapid expansion under new ownership), Four Hops (a beer shop/micropub which opened in 2017) and Gavin Dudley (the charismatic guide responsible for Reigate Ghost Walks), they have successfully launched their new beer walks. 

Beer history

Led by Gavin, groups of 20 people will discover Reigate's brewing history from the early days to the mighty Mellersh and Neale (which occupied the corner of Bell Street and the High Street) through to the modern day.

Along the way, walkers will also learn more about the history of the local pubs, such as the Bell, the Bull’s Head and the Red Cross.

The walk will stop at Four Hops, where Morgan Arnell, founder and chief crumber at Crumbs Brewing, will discuss the tasting notes of the three types of beer in the brewery’s range before finishing with a tour and tasting at the newly redeveloped Pilgrim Brewery.

With the first two Reigate Beer Walks proving a hit in April 2018, this motley collective of beer lovers have set aside a number of dates through the summer for you to join the adventure. Further details on the website below.

  • Tickets for Reigate Beer Walks cost £20 (including the walk, six beer tasting and a tour of Pilgrim brewery) and are available now at their new website 

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Bread into beer...

Crumbs Brewing make beer using left over artisan bread from another Local Food Britain member Chalk Hills Bakery in Reigate. It’s estimated that 44% of all bread made in the UK goes to waste. Crumbs are doing their bit for this growing problem and making great beers at the same time.