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The Wood Fired Larder launch Christmas pizza from Priory Farm takeaway café

As the first doors of advent calendars are thrown open this December, The Wood Fired Larder in Surrey has launched its Festive Pizza with turkey, Brussels sprouts and all the trimmings. Local Food Britain puts this unexpected take on a traditional festive feast to the taste test.

Photos: Keely Harrison


Christmas dinner is a truly evocative food and drink experience for many: moist turkey, pigs in blankets, Brussels sprouts (love them or hate them!), stuffing and all the trimmings that make it the family centrepiece of the day.

But what would happen if you layered these traditional festive flavours on a crisp pizza base and fired up a wood fired oven to cook them?

Well, based in a Shepherd Hut takeaway café outside Priory Farm in South Nutfield, the family-run Wood Fired Larder challenged Local Food Britain to try out their brand new Festive Pizza, which does exactly that.

While we’ll admit the thought of that famously polarising winter green sprinkled on top of any pizza topping gave us pause for thought, we never like to hold back on our food and drink adventures here at LFB Towers. 

And so we found ourselves taking delivery of one of the very first Festive Pizzas of the year from Debs, Simon and the Wood Fired Larder family...

The first bite...

Well, what can we say, any doubts quickly disappeared on the first bite. That crisp crust and rich tomato sauce layered perfectly with shredded Brussels sprouts cooked in bacon fat, turkey and bacon sourced from their local butchers, sausagemeat, sage and onion stuffing and more. The Festive Pizza is a triumph.

It makes for delicious and fun eating, as slice by slice your tastebuds stumble across another Christmas favourite mixed into a previously unimagined format.

While deconstructed desserts have long been a way to add some extra pizzazz at gastropubs, deconstructed Christmas dinner turns out to be an excellent way to invite the sleigh bells, mulled wine and gift giving into your pizza eating. 

The Wood Fired Larder will be serving their Festive Pizza daily at Priory Farm, South Nutfield throughout December (apart from Wednesdays, when they stay closer to home in Brockham), alongside their more traditional pizza toppings, sandwiches, cakes and coffees.

Priory Farm itself is a one-stop Christmas shop at this time of the year, with shelves packed full of artisan and local food and drink ingredients and stockings full of gift ideas to wrap up for your loved ones too. Just don’t forget to pick up your Festive Pizza from The Wood Fired Larder once you’ve put the shopping bags down.

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