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With this year’s Veganuary the most successful one yet, the vegan food trend is only set to get bigger this year – so it’s no surprise that many Local Food Britain members are embracing this by launching their own bespoke products.

One such example is our fantastic Farnham-based fudge-maker, Mummy Makes Fudge, which has just expanded its range to include a delicious selection of vegan varieties. As well as their original Non-Dairy Fudge, they are now producing Chocolate, Vanilla and Salted Caramel dairy-free options – much to the delight of vegans everywhere.

“We have been getting more and more requests from our customers for sugar-free and non-dairy fudge,” says founder of the business, Liz Usher. “Whilst I couldn’t envisage a fudge without sugar, it soon became apparent that there was no reason not to do a dairy-free option, as we simply replace butter with vegan margarine and use organic soya cream instead.    

“The texture is a little different, as it’s not quite as creamy as our normal recipe, but other than that, you can hardly tell the difference really. The test for me is always whether my kids like it, as they are my chief taste-testers, and they all loved it!”

The new vegan range is just the latest development in what has been a wonderful journey for this small artisan business. As Liz is the first to admit, it all started by accident really, when she made a batch of fudge using an old family recipe to help raise funds for her daughter’s school. Much to her surprise, it was such a huge hit that within a very short time they had managed to raise over £1,200.

“It was at that point we realised we might just be onto something,” laughs Liz, who has a background as an art director, having worked for Good Housekeeping, Country Living and the Sunday Express. “So, it was then that I started selling regularly at Farnham Maltings Market, among others, and joined Local Food Britain. In fact, that was an important turning point for the business, as it was through them that I got an invitation to appear on the popular TV series Cooks to Market – and we went on to win our episode!”

Today, Liz produces some 50 flavours of fudge – ranging from best-sellers including Ginger, Clotted Cream and Cappuccino to more exotic blends such as Watercress, Lime and even a Hoppy Beer – still using the same traditional family recipe with simple, honest ingredients. Now based out of her fudge kitchen at Farnham Pottery, she sells through selected farm shops and independent retailers as well as online. You will also find her out and about at the area’s leading artisan markets – such as the one at Farnham Maltings, Fleet’s Hart of Craft, Woking Food & Drink Festival and the annual Surrey County Show.

“There really is no better way to keep in touch with what our customers are looking for than meeting them face to face,” says Liz, who also takes commissions for bespoke flavours. “So now I can’t wait to introduce them to our new vegan range!” 

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