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It's National Butchers' Week from 23rd to 29th March, so Local Food Britain and TV chef Tony Tobin are encouraging you to visit your local independent butcher to find out what they have to offer.

It’s fair to say that if you conjure up a mental image of a jam-maker, it probably doesn’t look much like brothers Graham and Martin Colombotti. But at their kitchen in the heart of Sussex, you’ll find the two of them, plus dad Dennis, mum Christine and sister Corina, creating Deerview Fine Sussex Foods.

What do you get if you put a gardener, an electrician and an accountant in a brewery? It sounds like the start of a joke, but the punchline is actually ‘really good craft ales’. It’s been nearly 10 years since Steve Mansley, James Berrow and Lesley Foulkes made the leap from home brewing to establishing Langham Brewery, and in that time they’ve gone from strength to strength, winning more than 15 awards on the way – and naturally, it all started with a chat over a pint.

A new year always brings a fresh set of trend predictions, and in food there are plenty of big stories. While there’s a definite trend for cutting down (on sugar, meat and gluten), there’s some good news for those craving a little indulgence, in the shape of a new focus on breakfast and home-grown wines, spirits and liqueurs.

THE Prime Minister tucked into a taste of Surrey and chatted to food and drink producers at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 26 November.

When Local Food Britain was asked by Visit Surrey CIC to organise a local food and drink showcase as part of their Taste of Surrey Parliamentary visit, we jumped at the chance and have been overwhelmed with support from our members.

Like many parents, mum-of-two Maggie Haynes was frustrated by the lack of organic veg available locally for mid-week mealtimes, so she began looking for a place to grow her own. But unlike most budding gardeners – she began growing for her community too.

We talk mutton with expert Bob Kennard who has championed quality mutton for over 20 years. His support for independent abattoirs has been honoured with a ‘Best Campaigner Award’ from BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme.

Alice Whitehead visits one of the few remaining hop growing regions in the UK to learn more about a crop that’s steeped in history (as well as beer) and uncover how the industry has changed and innovated.

When we talk about eating local, we are usually referring to using ingredients bought at the shops. However, this is not always the case, for supplies of local food are available at nature’s store, too!