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Coffee craft with Surrey Hills Coffee

With UK Coffee Week taking place at the end of April, founder of Local Food Britain, Tracy Carroll, pays a visit to long-time member, Surrey Hills Coffee, to discover the secret t…

gluten-free, coffee, vegan

Cafezinho brings best Brazilian coffees to Britain

With one of Brazil’s very best specialty coffees among her current range, Cafezinho founder Sidineia Wilson tells us about growing her Surrey business, direct trading with coffee …


How to make the perfect coffee for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Local Food Britain member and artisanal roaster, Sidineia (Sid) Wilson of Cafezinho, who is based in Woldingham, Surrey, believes as much love should be put into the cup as the ca…

How to make the perfect cafetière coffee

You can’t rush a cafetière coffee, says Local Food Britain member and master roaster Richard Jansz, of Coffee Compass, based in Littlehampton. It should be given time, respect and…

coffee, cafetière

Chocolate Week - our members are raising the bar

Here at Local Food HQ, we’re happily indulging ourselves in Chocolate Week (12 – 18 October 2015) – after all, it’s just the excuse we need to break into a bar or two (hands up, i…

chocolate, Chocolate Week

Keeping it Real

Alice Whitehead meets the coffee lovers behind Surrey business Coffee Real and finds out why they are so committed to producing top quality coffee  Capel couple Gary Best and Ma…

coffee real, surrey coffee

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