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You can’t rush a cafetière coffee, says Local Food Britain member and master roaster Richard Jansz, of Coffee Compass, based in Littlehampton. It should be given time, respect and careful handling if you want to enjoy a rich, flavourful cuppa.

So if you are planning to take part in the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on September 29, take a moment to learn the art of cafetière coffee:

Step one: Allow 8-14g of ground coffee per person and put into the bottom of the cafetière. If possible, buy coffee beans and grind them yourself as required for the freshest flavour. Buy small quantities of coffee beans and keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Step two: Fill the kettle with fresh water and bring to the boil.

Step three: Let the kettle stand for 20 seconds before pouring the water over the coffee.

Step four: Leave for 2 minutes and then stir the coffee.

Step five: Leave for another 2 minutes and then skim off any white film from the top of the liquid before inserting the plunger. If you have allowed it to stand for the required time, the plunger will push down without any resistance. Pour slowly into mugs and enjoy.

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